• October 6, 2020

Incentive Design Changes in Response to Covid-19: Research Findings & Perspectives

Join Semler Brossy’s Managing Directors, Greg Arnold and Blair Jones, along with Directors & Boards' Managing Editor, April Hall as they drive this important incentive pay conversation forward.

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  • September 23, 2020

Effectively Managing Enterprise Risk for Board Members

Join RSM’s National Leader for Risk Consulting John Brackett and National Leader for Technology Risk Consulting Hussain Hasan, along with Nicole Sandford, Ellig Group’s Board Advisory Services, Sheila Talton, CEO and President, Gray Matters Analytics, and April Hall, Managing Editor, Directors & Boards Magazine for an important discussion on the board director’s role in managing enterprise-wide risk.

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  • August 6, 2020

Building a Diverse, Future-Ready Board

Join Byron Loflin, Global Head of Board Engagement, Nasdaq, David L. Motley, CEO & President, MCAPS, LLC, and April Hall, Managing Editor, Directors & Boards and Private Company Director magazines as they discuss best practices for building a diverse, future-ready board.



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  • June 23, 2020

Emerging Trends in ESG and Incentives: Research Findings & Perspectives

Join Semler Brossy’s Managing Directors, Kathryn Neel, and John Borneman, along with April Hall, Managing Editor of Directors & Boards magazine as they address emerging trends in ESG and incentives, and reveal new insights from a recent study of ESG and incentives for F200 companies.


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  • June 1, 2020

Virtual Governance Summit 2020

Join us for a week-long series of once-a-day, one-hour webinars that address the Board's role in rebuilding the company and the economy from the COVID-19 pandemic, from the editors of Directors & Boards and Private Company Director magazines. Each day's session will feature key directors and thought leaders in conversation-style discussions that address key aspects of the recovery process.


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  • May 28, 2020

Optimize Governance Practices and Drive Board Engagement

Join Kaley Childs Karaffa, Director of Board Engagement, Nasdaq Governance Solutions, Phil Neiswender, Head of Board Engagement AMERS and APAC at Nasdaq Governance Solutions and John Newell, Counsel and Manager of Public Company Practice at Goodwin Procter LLP, along with April Hall, Managing Editor, Directors & Boards to learn more about the benefits technology can bring during uncertain times.

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  • December 4, 2019

Blockchain for Boards

Join Jay Schulman, National Leader of Blockchain & Digital Asset Services for RSM US LLP, Joyce Cacho, Board Director, Sunrise Banks, and Eve Tahmincioglu, Directors & Boards Editor-in-Chief & Digital Director for an informative session on blockchain for boards of directors.


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  • November 14, 2019

How Boards Can Communicate With & Understand Their Chief Information Security Officer

Join Chris Murphey, Director of Customer Success at Galvanize, Allan Grafman, Audit Committee Chair for IDW Media Holdings, and David Shaw, Directors & Boards Publishing Director, for an informative session on how to achieve a higher understanding of critical technical information from your CISO.

How to Translate CISO Tech-Speak into Strategic Objectives

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  • October 24, 2019

Financial Analysis for the Boardroom

Join Stout's Tim Cummins, Managing Director, Transactions Opinions Practice Leader, and T.J. Hope, Managing Director, Dallas Office Leader, along with Michael Day, Board Member, Audit Committee chair at Somos, Inc., and David Shaw, Publishing Director, Directors & Boards magazine, for this insightful webinar.


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  • October 3, 2019

Cybersecurity: How Boards Manage it and Disclose it

Join Kellie Huennekens, Head of Americas, Nasdaq Center for Corporate Governance, Siobhan MacDermott, Vice Chairman in Global Corporate & Investment Banking, Bank of America, and Eve Tahmincioglu, Executive Editor and Digital Director, Directors & Boards as they discuss observations about cybersecurity related disclosures and best practices.

Cybersecurity: How Boards Manage it and Disclose it

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