Thu, September 22, 2016
Conference Speaker Title(s)

Chief Cybersecurity Officer, CyberVista

Simone Petrella, chief cybersecurity officer at CyberVista,  focuses on product development and delivery of training and education curriculua as well as workforce initiatives for executives and cyber practitioners. Previously, Simone was a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton where she helped build the firm’s cyber fusion center, focusing on integrating cyber threat intelligence, security operations, and cyber defense operations into effective cyber security operations. She also led the firm’s all source cyber threat intelligence business in the national security and defense sectors, where she built out a threat capability and team with in-depth subject matter expertise in all aspects of cyber threat intelligence. Her areas of specialty included predictive cyber intelligence based on an understanding of the threat adversary and developing service offerings to integrate intelligence into exercises to provide realistic cyber scenarios. Simone received her J.D. with honors from Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law and graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Government and a M.A. in International Law and Policy.