Tue, March 6, 2018
Conference Speaker Title(s)

Principal and Co-Chairman, Koch Development Company

Roger and his brother, Paul A. Koch are the third generation in the real estate investment and development business and jointly own Koch Development Company. As Principals and board members, Roger and Paul are responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company.
In his 50 years of experience in the real estate business, Roger Koch has served in various capacities as developer, residential home builder, and head of property management and leasing. In addition to his work in Koch Development Company, he was the majority owner and controlled numerous partnerships outside the family business investing in properties in Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois. He was a NASD licensed Broker/Dealer for Direct Participation Programs, licensed insurance broker and licensed real estate broker. He has handled the sale, acquisition and financing of numerous properties for Koch Development Company and its affiliates.
Roger holds BSBA and MBA degrees from Washington University in St. Louis. He served as an officer in the United States Air Force specializing in logistical systems auditing. He is a Life Member (CPM) of the Institute of Real Estate Management and has extensive professional education including all course work required for the MAI designation. Roger served as Chairman of the Board of Mark Twain South County Bank for 16 years and was a member of the Mark Twain St. Louis Bank board. He has served as member and President of the Crossroads School Board, member of the board of the Purnell School in Pottersville, N.J and board member for Archways, a drug and alcoholic rehabilitation center for patients unable to afford care in traditional settings, as well as in various leadership capacities in his church.