Tue, May 2, 2017
Conference Speaker Title(s)

CEO and Chairman of the Board, Mead & Hunt Companies, Inc.

Rajan Sheth joined Mead & Hunt in 1977 as a structural engineer. Sheth has been Chairman of the Board and CEO of the company since 1994. In the past 22 years under Sheth’s leadership, Mead & Hunt has grown from two Wisconsin offices to 31 offices nationwide and from 100 to 525 employees, while still maintaining its values, culture and profitability. The company’s billings increased from $10 million to about $90 million in the same time period. Sheth has been instrumental in fostering an environment in which every employee is encouraged to exercise his/her creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Mead & Hunt has consistently been recognized as one of the best architectural and engineering firms in the nation for which to work and has been repeatedly listed as one of the fastest growing.