Thu, September 22, 2016
Conference Speaker Title(s)

Associate Professor of Marketing and fellow, Center for Corporate Governance, Drexel University

Daniel Korschun is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Drexel University and a fellow of the Center for Corporate Governance at Drexel. Dr. Korschun works with companies to develop innovative Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices that generate value for both the company and society. Some of these innovative practices are profiled in his first book, Leveraging Corporate Responsibility: The Stakeholder Route to Business and Social Value (co-authored with C.B. Bhattacharya and Sankar Sen, Cambridge University Press).

His work also appears in leading academic journals such the Journal of Marketing, Academy of Management Review, MIT-Sloan Management Review, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, and the Journal of Business Ethics. His latest book, We Are Market Basket (co-authored with Grant Welker, AMACOM), tells the true story of a grassroots movement to reinstate a beloved CEO and save a $4.5 billion supermarket chain.