Tamra A. Erwin

EVP & Group CEO, Verizon Business Group

New York, NY


Erwin joined Verizon in the late 1980's.  She is CEO of the business group with over 26,000 employees that would be among the Fortune 30 if it was a separate entity. Prior to being named CEO of the business group, she was the head of operations for Verizon Wireless and led Verizon Fios. She was the executive sponsor of Women of Wireless, the employee development program that, due to its success, broadened into the global Women of the World initiative. She is executive sponsor of Verizon's Veterans providing oversight of the programs and resources the company provides to its more than 10,000 veterans, active reservists and military families. 

  • 2020 Third Quarter

Added to: Deere & Co. - Moline, IL

Deere is an equipment manufacturer. Revenues are $39 billion.