Mr. Keith A. Meister

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer, Corvex Management LP

New York, NY


Meister is the founder of Corvex Management, one of Yum! Brands largest shareholders. He previously was CEO at Icahn Entrprises GP Inc. and CEO at American Property Investors Inc. He is a director of Williams Companies Inc., NEG Inc., XO Communications Inc., and TransTexas Gas Corp.

  • 2019 Second Quarter

Added to: MGM Resorts International - Las Vegas, NV
Former Board

MGM Resorts is a casino resort and gaming company. Revenues are $9 billion.

  • 2019 First Quarter

Added to: Yum! Brands Inc. - Louisville, KY

Yum! operates more than 43,500 restaurants, including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell, in more than 130 countries. Revenues are $6 billion.