Judy Bruner


Bruner was CFO and EVP of administration at SanDisk Corp. from 2004 until her retirement in mid-2016. She held financial management roles at 3Com Corporation, Ridge Computers and Hewlett-Packard Company. She is a director at Applied Materials Inc., Seagate Technology plc and Rapid7 Inc. 

  • 2021 Third Quarter

Added to: Qorvo Inc. - Greensboro, NC

Qorvo provides technologies and products for wireless and wired connectivity. Revenues are $4 billion.

  • 2018 Second Quarter

Added to: Seagate Technology LLC - Cupertino, CA

Seagate is a global digital content management and storage company. Revenues are $10 billion.

  • 2016 Fourth Quarter

Added to: Applied Materials Inc. - Santa Clara, CA

Applied Materials supplies equipment and services to the semiconductor industry. Revenues are $17 billion.