Edward P. Garden

Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Trian Fund Management LP

New York, NY


Garden co-founded Trian in 2005 with Nelson Peltz and Peter May and oversees all aspects of its portfolio management, idea generation, analyses and due diligence activities. Trian is a large shareholder of Legg Mason Inc.. He is currently on the boards of The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

  • 2019 Third Quarter

Added to: Legg Mason Inc. - Baltimore, MD

Legg Mason provides investment management and related services to institutional and individual clients. Revenues are $3 billion.

  • 2018 First Quarter

Added to: General Electric Co. - Boston, MA

GE is a diverse manufacturing and financial services company. Revenues are $74 billion.

  • 2015 First Quarter

Added to: Bank of New York Mellon Corp. - New York, NY

Bank of New York Mellon provides financial products and services for institutions, corporations and individual investors. Revenues are $16 billion.