TaskRabbit CEO Appointed to Nordstrom Board

By Bilin Lin


Stacy Brown-Philpot, the CEO of online odd jobs services firm TaskRabbit, joined Nordstrom’s board, replacing Enrique ‘Rick’ Hernandez, Jr.

She was tapped by the retailer because of her “e-commerce expertise,” said Phil Satre, Nordstrom’s board chairman, in a statement this week. "Stacy brings a breadth of unique innovation, operational, and entrepreneurial experience to our board.”

Being a minority and a woman who has reached top leadership roles in technology is rare, and Brown-Philpot understands the challenges.

“Being comfortable in my own skin, has taken some time for me to get used to, but I’m there for sure,” said Brown-Philpot, in an interview with Fortune. “I do feel a responsibility to show other women who are younger in their career that this is possible." She acknowledged is was hard for her to get where she is, but she added, it will be "much easier for the people who follow me.”

After graduating from Wharton Business School, Brown-Philpot, who also sits on Hewlett-Packard’s board, worked as a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs; a senior associate at PrincewaterhouseCoopers, and various positions at Google, including senior director of global consumer operations. She joined TaskRabbit in 2013 as Chief Operating Officer, and became the CEO three years later.

With the addition of Brown-Philpot, Nordstrom has 12 directors.


Published date: May 25, 2017