• Joining the board of a PE-backed company
    Issue: 2008 Fourth Quarter
    By Todd Monti
    fourth Quarter 2008 49 Heidrick & StruggleS governance letter F or independent directors, s e r v i c e o n t h e b o a r d o f a company backed by a private equity (PE) firm offers expo- sure to unique professional, and potentially financially rewarding, opportunities. The attractions of such s...
  • Directors Roster
    Issue: 2008 Fourth Quarter
    52 directors & boards Directors & BoarDs’ Directors roster SponSored by Directors Roster A quarterly record of new director appointments american i nternational Group inc. New York, NY has added to its board: Nora JohnsonChair, Global Agenda Council on Systemic Financial Risk World Economic ...
  • Principles of Corporate Governance
    Issue: 2008 Fourth Quarter
    I n its 2004 .Principles of Corporate Governance , . the . international . Or- ganization . for .Economic . Cooper - ation . and .Development . (OECD) . describes . corporate . governance . as .“a . set . of .relationships . between .a .company’s . management, .its . board, .its . shareholders . and...