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Culture Alignment: The Hidden Killer of M&A Success

The success of a merger depends on identifying cultural differences at the outset and developing a strategy to manage them. There is no shortage of priorities seeking a director’s time and attention today. Among the many topics ranking highly on the Gartner 2023 Board of Directors Survey are sustainability, digital transformation, DEI, and fiscal and monetary policy. Culture does not make it onto this list. 

Who Should Serve on the Board When Times Get Tough?

To emerge unscathed from the turbulence, you need the right directors — and they should know how to help your company.

Think Like an Activist

Success in the age of shareholder activism means knowing how activists operate, and perhaps welcoming them onto your board.

Two Models of Leadership and Service

Directors should embody the traits and values of Martin Lipton and the late Ann Korologos.

Do Responsible Special Awards Have to Be an Oxymoron?

For boards, special awards can be a vital way to retain high-level talent in a competitive marketplace. When it comes to retaining executive management, boards face multiple hurdles: an active talent market, volatile stock prices, mixed financial performance and go-forward economic uncertainty. As a result, boards have a growing interest in special equity awards to fend off recruiters and partially compensate executives for target pay that was not fully realized. Are special awards a good solution?

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