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Corporate Character and the Future of Capitalism

Is accountability to everyone accountability to no one? Editor’s note: This is a shortened version of our chairman’s address to the 2020 Character of the Corporation forum. Character embodies the core values and convictions that are etched into a company’s DNA, inspiring its societal commitments, environmental responsibilities and moral consciousness. The character of the corporation animates behavior that expresses corporate values and culture to a broad array of stakeholders.

Eyes Forward

Directors share how they are implementing the lessons learned last year. It’s easy to look back on 2020 and see the disruption that seemed to present a new challenge every week. Now is the time to develop new strategies. What have we learned from the last year that’s worth keeping in 2021? What, if anything, will go back to the “normal” we knew this time last year?

Taking Care of the Workforce

Boards can help keep employees healthy and safe. In 2020, directors talked about employee safety, health and mental wellness more than ever before, and many say they are glad the “stigma” surrounding these issues is being pushed aside in favor of action. Since 2021 began with a still-record number of COVID-19 cases plus political unrest in the Capitol and around the country, boards will have to continue to support management on matters of employee health.

Questions Boards Can Ask to Better Govern Inclusion

How to assess the effectiveness of your DEI program, and what to do next. In recent months, the conversation surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), specifically in corporate America, has significantly accelerated. However, real progress requires accountability. That is why companies and their leaders must move beyond verbal commitments to DEI and focus on tangible results.

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