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SOX's Financial Expert Requirement 15 Years Later

Many companies are missing an audit committee disclosure opportunity.

In the 15 years since the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) was passed, large institutional investors have been “finding their voice” and sharing their views of board expectations with regard to composition, accountability and transparency.

Diversity in the Boardroom: Consider a nurse

With many changes occurring in the health care industry, and with health care projected to remain the largest employee-related expense for U.S. employers, now is the time for the voice of nurse leaders to be heard.

A Pivot to Disruption: And other silly phrases that signal weak thinking.

Strong ideation around curated big data will help us think outside the box and create highly scalable deliverables that expand our bandwidth. If we lean in and take a deep dive into our ecosystem, we can disrupt the business model, and pivot to become rock star growth hackers. 

OK, I’m not sure what the word salad in my first paragraph means.

Lessons Learned From First Wave of CEO Pay Ratio Disclosures

Directors shouldn’t become complacent on pay.

The first wave of CEO pay ratio disclosure has come and gone with much less attention than anticipated.

Was the pre-proxy hubbub and handwringing more than was needed to address employee and shareholder questions, comparison to competitors and local companies, and the potential ire of the proxy advisory services?

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