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Two 'Must Have' Tools for Harnessing Your Board's Value

  Feeling pretty good about yourself, eh? You have a good board, you have figured out who and what you have for board members, so now it’s time to “harness value” from this rogue nation of board personalities. Here are two tools that should be in every toolbox that might prove useful to stay focused and drive value — a “Board Norms” document and an “Expectations Agenda.”

10 questions dominating boardroom agendas for 2016

  These are the top questions directors are asking in their boardrooms so that they can be better prepared for what’s to come, according to The WomenCorporateDirectors Foundation (WCD). The questions, and responses from WCD members, were formulated as a follow-on from WCD’s Americas Institute, which was held this past fall. Directors came from across the globe to Coca-Cola Co.’s headquarters in Atlanta to discuss top board concerns and how directors are preparing themselves for the challenges of 2016 and beyond.

Top 10 Topics for Directors in 2016

  Ed. Note: Each year law firm Akin Gump identifies main challenges that U.S. public companies will face in the coming year. Here is its list of “hot topics for the boardroom” for 2016 ( 1.  Oversee the development of long-term corporate strategy in an increasingly interdependent and volatile world economy

Before you say yes to a board invitation: 10 due diligence tactics

  You’ve met the other directors, asked smart questions, reviewed the financials, and ensured there’s good D&O insurance. You can’t wait to tell colleagues that you’ve been selected for a board seat. All seems good — and it probably is.

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