Governance Mastery II Video Series

Our Governance Mastery II Video Series was created specifically for attendees of The Private Company Governance Summit 2021. These videos were created with the intention of providing educational information on a variety of governance topics. Feel free to browse by title or category and view at any time. A list of all video titles is below for your convenience.

The Value of Internal Controls for Private Companies
Deloitte Private
ESG for Private Company Boards
Assessing Your Governance Needs
Preparing the Next Generation for Family Governance
Family Office Exchange
Governing the Family Enterprise
Family Office Exchange
Designing a Private Company Director Compensation Program
Compensation Advisory Partner
Keys to Improving Your Private Company Governance Habits
The Importance of Independent Board Members
Family Business Consulting Group
When and Why to Sell the Business
Faegre Drinker
Building an Effective Board Recruitment Strategy
Howard & O'Brien Executive Search