2020 Editorial Calendar for Directors & Boards Magazine and Private Company DIrector


First Quarter 2020
Ad Reservations: January 17, 2020
Ad Materials Deadline: January 24, 2020
Mails: February 2020

Dealing with Risk: ESG, Technology, Regulation

  • What’s happening on the regulation side?
  • Ceres risk report
  • Examples of boards that manage risk well
  • Report from The Character of the Corporation forum

Second Quarter 2020
Ad Reservations: March 27, 2020
Ad Materials Deadline: April 3, 2020
Mails: April 2020

The Economy: How boards should manage economic ups and downs

  • Profiles of companies that have weathered downturns
  • Layoffs and ESG—One or the other?
  • Risk management in times of economic turbulence
  • Additional Feature —Overboarding: How many boards are too many?

BONUS DISTRIBUTION: The Private Company Governance Summit 2020

Annual Report 2020
Ad Reservations: June 26, 2020
Ad Materials Deadline: July 2, 2020
Mails: July 2020

Politics & the Boardroom: Staying out of the fray

  • What is the new normal and how do boards navigate escalating political tension?
  • Directors’ political views: Public or private?
  • Keeping tabs on how politics impacts corporate culture
  • The risks of political engagement...and non- engagement

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: Directors to Watch — Gender

Third Quarter 2020
Ad Reservations: September 11, 2020
Ad Materials Deadline: September 18, 2020
Mails: October 2020

Onboarding in the Age of Diversity

• Effective onboarding of new directors
• Board evaluations in age of diversity—ensuring fairness
• Should certification programs be required for public company directors?
• Companies that have gender/race parity and their onboarding secrets

Fourth Quarter 2020
Ad Reservations: October 30, 2020
Ad Materials Deadline: November 6, 2020
Mails: November 2020

Risk Management and the Board

  • The best risk management strategies for boards
  • The Character of the Corporation one year later— the state of ESG
  • After the election: What boards should focus on now
  • Can the “professional” director be truly independent?

BONUS DISTRIBUTION: The Character of the Corporation 2020
SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: Our Annual Directors to Watch--Ethnicity