What’s Next? Directors face a host of questions in reopening and recovery.
By April Hall

While the world still reeled from the COVID-19 pandemic that brought economies to a halt, passionate protests broke out against racial injustice following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and the subsequent charges against a police officer responsible for that death. Either event would be complicated for corporate America to address, but the combination of the two sparked deep and substantive discussions on how to respond to a world in crisis.

In early June, Directors & Boards hosted a weeklong series of webinars addressing critical issues of “reopening the economy” and how, if at all, corporations should address the social unrest that is approaching a tipping point.

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Board Considerations: Returning to the Workplace and Navigating the “New Normal” 

Compensation Issues in the Recovery: Setting CEO and Senior Management Compensation 

Refreshing the Board and the Executive Suite After the Crisis

ESG: Before, During and After the Crisis

Risk Management After COVID-19

These sessions adressed addressed including how to return to the workplace, post-crisis compensation strategies, refreshing the board and other human capital issues, the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues moving forward, and how these crises will impact risk management in the future.

The series was sponsored by Diligent, with supporting sponsors PwC, Pay Governance, Howard & O’Brien Executive Search, and Haug Partners LLP.

What follows is a summary of those sessions, highlighting key takeaways. To view replays of the entire series please visit the summit’s program page.

2020 Annual Report

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