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    Published October 15, 2018
    By Lauren E. Smith
    Imperatives of a value-added director.The world is transforming around us at an unsettling pace — bitcoins, robotics, drones and a myriad of other technical advances are changing business models acr ...
  • The Care & Feeding of an Effective Board
    Published October 15, 2018
    By Ram Charan
    Getting the most out of your directors.The right support makes a huge difference in a board’s ability to govern well.Directors are extremely busy people who are often under mental stress. The dread ...
  • Director As Perpetual Student
    Published October 15, 2018
    By Maureen Milford
    How board members educate themselves in the face of regulatory changes and an ever-changing global business landscape. As a director of three Fortune 200 companies, Michele J. Hooper conside ...
  • Facebook's Board is "Riding a Tiger"
    Published October 15, 2018
    By Eve Tahmincioglu and Allan Grafman