Modern Governance Requires Anti-Racist Leadership

The confluence of the pandemic, the global racial reckoning, the war in Ukraine and the climate crisis has created a defining moment for boards and board leadership. As “unprecedented” becomes the norm, ESG has become more vital than ever. The related pushback by states like Florida and Texas has created a unique and challenging environment for boards and CEOs in a heated U.S. political environment. 

Our recommendation is simple: It is time to choose the right side of history and lead the charge of anti-racism. We believe firmly that modern governance requires bold, anti-racist leadership, and that the best boards and companies will avoid the false narratives being bandied about. The rallying against “wokeness,” the close cousin of being “too PC,” is rooted in a thinly veiled fear of what it means to change the status quo, especially when that status quo keeps people in an unearned place of power. 

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