How has board service changed in the wake of COVID-19, and what will board service look like in the years ahead?
By Merline Saintil

The pandemic has driven digital transformation and the future workforce to the top of board agendas as directors continue to focus on corporate strategy, risk management and talent oversight.

To become even more competitive and relevant, companies must leverage digital technology and best practices such as DevOps — which by automating and integrating the software development processes allows IT teams to build, test and go to market more quickly. Data analytics and artificial intelligence also play critical roles because they help provide deep, meaningful insights that enable organizations to innovate even faster. Some companies embraced these approaches well before COVID and are thriving; others are racing to catch up. Notably, more value is being placed today on culture, innovation and human capital.

Socioeconomic forces and customer-centric approaches are shaping future trends. It’s vital that companies understand that, especially those scaling rapidly and with high-growth curves in terms of people, process, and technology.

Since being showcased as a Director to Watch in 2019, Merline Saintil has been appointed to several company boards. In August 2020 she joined Lightspeed as chair of the risk committee and member of the compensation, nominating and governance committee. She joined the board of private company GitLab Inc. in November and was added to the board of Evolv Technology in February. 

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