Four Approaches of “Superaccelerator” Boards
By Bonnie W. Gwin, Andrew LeSueur, and Jeff Sanders

Fast-growing companies provide governance formulas for accelerating value.

It’s no secret that consistently fast-growing companies such as Apple and Google’s parent company, Alphabet, operate differently than other companies. But do they govern themselves differently?

Research our firm conducted suggests that they do. We found that these and other high-performing organizations we’ve dubbed “superaccelerators” fall into four strategic categories and each has a style or type of board associated with each approach.

• Portfolio Investor strategy → Working Board

• Customer Intimate strategy → Thinking Board

• Execution Engine strategy → Responsive Board

• Talent Magnet strategy → Inspiring Board

Though it’s possible for a board to embody more than one type, each is quite distinct and understanding them can help any board clarify how their dynamics potentially enhance or impede a range of strategies.

What makes a “superaccelerator”

2017 Fourth Quarter

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