Director Reflections on Talent

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Beth A. Brooke

Beth A. Brooke

Director, The New York Times Company, EHealth

With respect to talent, the greatest challenge for boards in the immediate future will be understanding and responding to the tectonic shifts in people’s wants and needs in the workplace, because views toward compensation, flexibility, belonging, purpose and meaning have all shifted.

The changing landscape and mindset of employees who seek meaning in their work life, stimulated by the ability to work from anywhere and knowledge of those possibilities, has created a shift that will take some time to settle. It feels like we are in a bit of a dance. Return-to-office policies roll out and then step back as employees react. Flexible work seems to be here to stay. But flexibility needs to be predictable to be most productive. Yet, one person’s view of flexibility doesn’t necessarily match another person’s. So, creating something that is predictable for all is a challenge, one that has taken inclusion to a whole new level. Creating an environment of inclusion — one that scores high on a sense of belonging — is tougher than ever and has never been more important. 

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