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Directors & Boards is a quarterly journal dedicated to the topics of leadership and corporate governance. Its readers are at the very pinnacle of business — board chairs, CEOs and members of senior management, corporate board members, and board advisers.


Directors & Boards was founded in 1976, just as the Securities & Exchange Commission was taking an aggressive stance on the accountabilities of corporate boards of directors. For the past 40 years, Directors & Boards has been the undisputed information source and intellectual thought leader in the field of corporate governance.


Who's Who — Directors & Boards has the distinction of being written by and for the board elite... CEOs and directors of public companies, both large and small, and their closest advisers. Since its founding, Directors & Boards authors have been a "who's who" of corporate statesmen.

Who's New — Directors & Boards also has the distinction of publishing the Directors Roster — the most comprehensive listing of executives elected each quarter to be new board members. This unique "who's new" on corporate boards comes from a special collaboration with executive and director search firm Diversified Search, which sponsors the extensive research by the Directors & Boards editorial staff to provide this proprietary directory of new directors in each issue.

The Future

Directors & Boards has always been the "must read" for any senior executive serving on or reporting to a corporate board. Solidifying its position as the No. 1 information resource on corporate boards and how they operate is its Internet web site, eventually offering access to its vast archives of data and articles.

Directors & Boards Magazine is published by MLR Media. Through digital platforms, print magazines, and live events, MLR Media provides public and private company directors, leaders and owners of multigenerational family businesses and C-suite executives with the knowledge and skills to be successful in their roles.

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