October 3, 2022

Some findings raise the question of whether “diversity fatigue” is setting in.

September 30, 2022

Tech boards have the most directors, but lag behind their number of Asian emplo

September 21, 2022

For directors, it’s essential to understand a company’s finances and anticipate

September 20, 2022

Success with sustainability requires directors to drive bold action in a decisi

September 19, 2022

The practice will only grow as disclosure of climate-related data becomes more


Mirion Technologies Inc.
Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc.
Broadmark Realty Capital Inc.
Ethan Allen Interiors Inc.


More Gender Diversity Needed on Corporate Boards

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Lack of women is especially apparent at the C-suite level.

CEO Pay Records a Major Increase in 2021

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Report finds bonus payouts bolstering CEO financial performance.
According to early proxy filers, 2021 was a bounce-back year for CEOs, with total pay recording an uptick of 19% and bonus payouts up nearly 75% from 2020.

Tech-Savviness in the Boardroom

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Director technology knowledge is key to company performance and growth.

Cybersecurity Is Essential to ESG and Corporate Governance

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Make cybersecurity part of your approach to ESG.

A Politicized World Demands Director Neutrality

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The public depends on directors who are principled, decisive and protective of shareholders.

Age Should Be Nothing but a Number for Qualified Board Members

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It may be time to rethink age limits for corporate board service.

What Makes a Good Board Member?

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Quality directors must be collaborative, committed and courageous. 
To help companies navigate disruptive technology, a global pandemic and other major challenges facing companies today, a high-performing board of directors is more essential than ever.
“The level of change and disruption has accelerated,” says Sheila Hooda, independent director of Enact Holdings Inc., ScION Tech Growth and Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. “The number of risks is higher, as are the number of opportunities.”