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My Board Journey

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What Directors are Thinking

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With more than half of companies failing to plan for CEO succession, the topic

Elevating Value Through Integrity: How Leading Companies Accomplish Excellence Worldwide

Submitted by lisedykes on Thu, 02/05/2015 - 06:18

The Global Ethics Summit will be held in New York City. CEOs, board chairs, governance and risk management leaders, communications executives, and government and regulatory officials will gather to address the theme of "Elevating Value Through Integrity: How Leading Companies Accomplish Excellence Worldwide." For more information visit

Leading Minds of Compensation

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The National Association of Corporate Directors will host a "Leading Minds of Compensation" discussion on the latest executive and director compensation challenges and trends with "the peers who truly understand the complex issues you face—your fellow committee members and today's leading compensation experts." The half-day program will be held in New York City. For more information visit here.

Rocking the Boat: The Growing Impact of Shareholder Activism and What Directors Need to Know and Do

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Hardly a day goes by without a business news headline about shareholder activism: Pershing Square/Valent/Allergan, Sotheby’s/Third Point, Starboard/Darden, and so on. While some shareholder activists continue to focus on the implementation of structural reforms, such as seeking to eliminate classified boards, others have become more vocal in emphasizing “operational,” “financial” or “strategic” changes. 

This webinar will help board members prepare to respond to an increasing number of shareholder activists with growing influence that are seeking to change a company’s operating plan, strategic direction (including by advocating for spin-offs and other M&A transactions) or management. These shareholder activists are positioning themselves as significant “value creators,” rather than merely proponents of best corporate governance practices.
Among the key topics that will be addressed:

  • trends in activism
  • understanding directors’ duties in relation to activist campaigns; and
  • effective board engagement with activist investors


David J.P. Meachin

David J.P. Meachin is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Cross Border Enterprises, L.L.C.  Meachin has served on public SEC-reporting company boards for 16 years, during which time he has been a Member of the Executive Committee of the Board, Chairman of the Audit Committee, and Member of the Compensation and Governance Committees. Companies on whose boards he has served include Lyondell Chemical Company (NYSE), Millennium Chemicals, Inc. (NYSE), The Ground Round ( NASDAQ), and Metha Energy Solutions Inc. (OTC).  He has also served on the board of an Indian Emerging Growth Fund and is currently Chairman of the Board of LivePlatform, Inc., a social-media focused company. He serves or has served on a number of non-profit organization’s boards as Chairman, Vice Chairman or a Director, including the British American Educational Foundation and University of Cape Town Fund in the US. He is an Advisory Board Member of Structured Credit International Corp. (SCIC), WoodLake Group LLC, the South African Chamber of Commerce America (SACCA), The SABLE Accelerator, and an XCEO Ambassador of XCEO, Inc. He is a Member of The Economic Club of New York, the National Association of Corporate Directors, Corporate Directors Group (Advanced Professional Director) and European American Chamber of Commerce NY.  David Meachin is a frequent speaker and forum participant on issues of corporate governance, private equity and investment banking at Director Conferences and at university Business and Law Schools in the US and internationally. 

Robert Katz

Robert Katz represents clients in a broad range of M&A transactions—public and private, negotiated and unsolicited—including tender and exchange offers, leveraged buyouts, takeover defense strategies, joint ventures, divestitures and cross-border transactions. In 2013 Katz advised Southeastern Asset Management, Inc., Dell's largest unaffiliated stockholder, in connection with evaluating and pursuing alternative proposals related to Dell's proposed take-private transaction.

Clare O'Brien

Clare O’Brien regularly advises major US and international clients on their public and private mergers and acquisition transactions, including public company restructurings, joint ventures and large public transactions. She also provides counsel on corporate law questions, including corporate governance matters. O’Brien is co-author of “Activists at the Gate: The Continuing Evolution of Shareholder Activism in the US,” published earlier this year on 

Peter Begalla

Peter Begalla is Directors & Boards' Education Director, and an Adjunct Professor with Stetson University. He develops and coordinates content for the Private Company Governance Summit, Directors & Boards' Director Roundtables and for the renowned Family Business Magazine Transitions conferences.

Thrust into the Spotlight

Typically I maintain a low profile. My philosophy is that editors should be like stage directors, orchestrating the production from behind the curtain. If there is any attention to be gotten, I prefer my authors get the recognition for their good works.

But occasionally I get thrust into the spotlight. It happened last month when a good colleague featured an interview with me in his own publication.

Jim Kristie is the editor and associate publisher of Directors & Boards.

My Grandchildren's World

For 25 years I have delivered a “Thanksgiving Day Address” to my family and friends who gather at my home on this special American holiday that glorifies our nation as a land of opportunity, of sharing, of plenty.

This year my Thanksgiving address focused on the world my granddaughters were born into. With the births of Francesca and Madeleine, 2014 was a pivotal year for the Rock family. Will it be a pivotal one, perhaps a turning point, or even an inflection point, for the world?

Robert H. Rock is chairman and publisher of Directors & Boards. He can be contacted at

The Board's 'Seven Year Itch'

The famous Marilyn Monroe comedy “The Seven Year Itch” examines the natural tendency of people to get bored and complacent after seven years of a relationship. Is it possible that companies and directors need to act after seven years to remove complacency and stay fresh and engaged? Let’s consider why companies and boards need to address the issue in a way that benefits all concerned.

In the Beginning

Allan Grafman is president of All Media Ventures, which monetizes brands and content for investors and companies. He can be contacted at

Idalene ‘Idie’ Kesner is dean of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and holds the Frank P. Popoff Chair of Strategic Management. She can be contacted and

Both authors serve on several public and private company boards.

This article originally appeared in the Fourth Quarter 2014 edition of Directors & Boards.