March 16, 2023

A new report finds CEO and CFO base salaries increasing but bonuses on the decl

March 14, 2023

What Directors are Thinking

March 9, 2023

With more than half of companies failing to plan for CEO succession, the topic

March 9, 2023

To contribute effectively during economic uncertainty, directors need candor, c

March 7, 2023

Boards of Delaware corporations may want to move toward adopting officer exculp

March 6, 2023

Boards continue to be challenged by the war in Ukraine, China relations and ESG

March 3, 2023

ESG statements in press releases, the company website and other marketing can b

March 2, 2023

There’s a better way to prevent C-Suite self-dealing than the SEC’s cybersecuri

A Look Inside the SEC’s Newly Finalized Clawback Rules

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Both “Big R” and “Little R” restatements are affected by the Dodd-Frank holdover regulation.

How Should Companies Compensate Board Members?

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Amid today’s heightened competition for directors, it’s essential to create a comprehensive plan for paying them.

Boards Are Adapting to Meet New Committee Needs

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Technology, sustainability and talent are among the topics forcing committees to change how they do business.

Digital Transformation: How Boards Can Help Forge the Path Forward

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Directors should be able to identify the signs that a company would benefit from advanced digital processes.

Digital transformation is the business world’s latest and greatest buzzword. A quick online search will return a variety of definitions, each with some small twist on the concept of implementation of technology to improve business processes. While defining this seemingly “black-box term” is certainly important, understanding the benefits of digital transformation is where one can begin to value and appreciate the excitement surrounding the process.

Five Keys for Ensuring a Fruitful CEO Succession

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Finding the new top executive can’t be all about culture fit. 

Becoming Future-Ready in a Digital World: The Board’s Role

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Boards must become more digitally savvy to help guide companies through transformations.

Prepare Today for Your Company’s Environmental Challenges of Tomorrow

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Ten actions the board can take now!

There is significant speculation today about what will be expected of public companies and their boards around environmental reporting and consideration of risks. While the exact form this will take is under debate, one thing is certain — companies must ensure that directors individually and their board as a whole are prepared for this increased responsibility. So, what do directors need to do to prepare themselves, and what actions should the board take collectively?

Cyber Disclosure Practices Are Evolving Ahead of SEC Rules

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An efficient board must set the tone for a company’s cybersecurity prioritization.

Is Your Board Ready for a New Era of Shareholder Activism?

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Activists are launching more campaigns, and they are finding more success.

Survey: Recession Concerns Make Non-M&A Growth a Top Board Priority

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Meanwhile, the best home for ESG oversight is still up for debate.

In its recently released fall board pulse survey, Proactive Governance to Address Recessionary Pressures, BDO USA sought to pinpoint the obstacles boards currently face and what strategies they use to overcome them. The survey found that boards prioritize the driving of growth and planning for recessionary declines in product or service demand.