November 23, 2022

Investors prefer performance-based incentives and are skeptical of time-based a

November 22, 2022

Boards must be prepared to take a more comprehensive and strategic approach to

November 21, 2022

Both “Big R” and “Little R” restatements are affected by the Dodd-Frank holdove

November 16, 2022

Amid today’s heightened competition for directors, it’s essential to create a c

November 11, 2022

Technology, sustainability and talent are among the topics forcing committees t

November 10, 2022

Directors should be able to identify the signs that a company would benefit fro

October 21, 2022

Finding the new top executive can’t be all about culture fit. 

October 18, 2022

Boards must become more digitally savvy to help guide companies through transfo

The SEC Drives Expanded Disclosure Requirements and Boardroom Change

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Proposed rules demand director action on cybersecurity and climate.

HCM Disclosure: A Strategic Opportunity

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Use the proxy to highlight your strengths in human capital management.

Human capital management (HCM) disclosure is evolving rapidly, and the proxy is quickly becoming the most prominent area for boards to tell their HCM story.

Book Review - Collective Illusions

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Books currently being recommended for corporate board members are typically about emerging governance issues like ESG and DEI, and the board member’s bookshelf is usually filled with deeper dives into topics like risk management and M&A. Rarely does a book come along that, while intended for general readership, is also of particular interest for board members.

Borders, Boundaries and Boards

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Corporate chieftains — notably those who gather each year in Davos, Switzerland — may think they live in a world where countries with interdependent economies and companies with interconnected markets operate as if there were no borders. The notion that these connections would ensure both global prosperity and universal peace was shattered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

An Ode to Good Governance

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For many years, I’ve been asked the same question: “Does good corporate governance really matter?” And for years I’ve replied, “Yes.” Now I have more to add. After nearly two decades of service, I recently retired from the Encompass Health board as our term limits required. Four other directors who joined the board at roughly the same time also departed.

A Dissatisfied Workforce Is the Biggest Risk of All

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Boards and companies ignore DEI concerns at their own peril.

The Increased Need for Protection of Board Members and Executives

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Media coverage and global conflict have focused attention on business decision-making.

A number of factors – including an increase in travel domestically and internationally, cybersecurity vulnerabilities and privacy issues, and a rise in geopolitical conflict – have resulted in a greater need for security and protection for high-profile board members and executives.

California Diversity Laws Gone But Not Forgotten

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The march toward board diversity continues despite judicial setbacks.

The laws that the state of California established to mandate diversity on corporate boards are now officially gone. However, the movement to diversify boards in the Golden State and beyond remains present and accounted for. 

Beyond ESG: An Integrated Approach to Governance, Investing and Regulation

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“Time for a Name Change” is the title of a thought-provoking article posted recently on LinkedIn by Stephen Davis, senior fellow and associate director at Harvard Law School’s Program on Corporate Governance. Davis argues that the acronym ESG has outlived its usefulness and needs to be replaced. Writing largely from the viewpoint of investment professionals, he suggests a new term: 360-degree investing.