October 3, 2022

Some findings raise the question of whether “diversity fatigue” is setting in.

September 30, 2022

Tech boards have the most directors, but lag behind their number of Asian emplo

September 21, 2022

For directors, it’s essential to understand a company’s finances and anticipate

September 20, 2022

Success with sustainability requires directors to drive bold action in a decisi

September 19, 2022

The practice will only grow as disclosure of climate-related data becomes more


Mirion Technologies Inc.
Consolidated Communications Holdings Inc.
Broadmark Realty Capital Inc.
Ethan Allen Interiors Inc.


Boards: Beware the 'winner's curse'


Many acquisitions fail to create value for the acquirer, and in most deals the benefits go largely to the seller. This reflects the highly competitive nature of the M&A market. It also reflects the large concentrated investment bet at premium prices of M&A transactions. Buyers, in effect, are prepaying for uncertain future revenue and cost synergies. Frequently, buyers overpay for the expected synergies based on managerial optimism, overconfidence, and the urge to beat competing bidders. 

The author can be contacted at Joe Rizzi has over 25 years of banking experience. He is also an instructor at Chicago-area universities, including Loyola and DePaul. He previously was a senior investment strategist for CapGen Financial, a private equity firm. This column is adapted from a piece he wrote for “MergerProf,” a blog on acquisitions, finance and governance that he co-authors with Dr. Ralph Walkling, director of the Center for Corporate Governance at Drexel University (

Cyber security risk: Key areas of focus


Dennis T. Whalen is Partner in Charge and Executive Director of KPMG’s Audit Committee Institute. Greg Bell is KPMG’s U.S. National Practice Leader, Information Protection & Business Resilience. The authors can be contacted at

'How many jobs have we created?'