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With ESG here to stay, the key is ensuring that good governance practices are i

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Unfortunately, boards sometimes screw up.

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The board should understand the company’s broader ESG goals to ensure the right

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In an unstable risk environment, directors must help their companies manage for

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To guide companies toward their ESG goals, audit committee members should under

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To withstand investor scrutiny, directors must understand industry compensation

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Public boards may find it more difficult to afford favorable treatment to termi

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Scenario analysis is crucial to the board’s ability to stay on top of major ris

Exec comp redux

‘Heart-stopping, pants-dropping, eye-popping, jaw-dropping, hair-raising, eyes-glazing, mind-blowing, juices-flowing.” Paraphrasing Bruce Springsteen’s introduction of his E Street Band at its Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction also aptly characterizes the fury surrounding CEO compensation. Gravity-defying and mystifying, pay for top executives has shot up; today the typical CEO of a Fortune 500 firm “earns” on average $15 million.

Achieving Board Excellence

Boards and board committees are intensely focused on providing the best possible oversight on behalf of stakeholders. The oversight role is a serious and often demanding fiduciary relationship. The oversight task is made challenging by the simple fact that independent directors are engaged in other activities between meetings and then have to effectively assimilate data and be prepared to engage management with questions and debate to assure the business is managing its risks and achieving its strategic objectives.

Anthony W. Schweiger is CEO and Managing Principal of The Tomorrow Group, LLC, a risk management consultant. He is also the Managing Principal of Board Equity Partners. The Tomorrow Group focuses on providing strategic, operational and risk management counsel to financial services businesses. Board Equity Partners provides governance counsel to public companies and other organizations with focus on board evaluations and the dynamics of corporate governance. He has over 40 years of experience in managing and counseling companies. In addition to being the CEO and COO/CFO of a large regional lending business, his business experience includes governance oversight, capital market management, risk management, technology, and strategic planning for a variety of service and technology businesses. From 1992 to 2012, he was a director and Governance Chair of Radian Group, Inc., a NYSE traded provider of private mortgage insurance and credit enhancement products. In addition, he served on Radian’s Audit, Finance & Investment and Compensation Committees. Mr. Schweiger has also served as a director in a number of private and public companies with roles as Audit, Compensation and governance Chairs. He is currently a director of two development stage enterprises. In his capacity as a consultant, Mr. Schweiger advises various businesses on governance, operational and strategic issues.

Lead or Be Left Behind: A Leader's Perspective on Social Media

Ed. Note: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd. (Deloitte Global) has announced that Punit Renjen, formerly Deloitte U.S. member firm chairman of the board, has been selected as Deloitte Global’s new chief executive officer. He will assume the new role on June 1. The following is an article that he wrote for the First Quarter 2013 edition of Directors & Boards, which had as its theme, “Recruiting the Digital Director.”

Punit Renjen will assume the role of CEO of Deloitte Global on June 1, 2015. The Deloitte network is composed of 47 member firms, operating in 150 countries, and employing more than 210,000 people worldwide.

Prior to his current role as chairman of Deloitte U.S., Renjen served as chairman and CEO of Deloitte Consulting LLP in the U.S. During his tenure as U.S. Consulting CEO, the consulting practice experienced tremendous growth despite an ongoing recession, helping Deloitte Consulting LLP become one of the largest consulting providers according to leading analysts’ rankings.

Renjen is also a recognized leader in mergers and acquisitions, assisting clients through the entire M&A lifecycle. He is a frequent commentator on the attributes of exceptional organizations, including the importance of a well-articulated workplace culture and a high-functioning board of directors.

Renjen grew up in India and holds a bachelor's degree with honors and a master's degree in management with honors from Willamette University. Click here for a full bio.

Gender Balance on Boards: Five Steps to Achieve Success

Six years ago we were on the cover of Directors & Boards as co-authors of the featured article, “Getting from a Good to a Great Board — You Can Do It Through Gender Diversity.” Central to our argument was Catalyst’s breakthrough study, “The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards,” showing that more women on corporate boards correlated with significantly improved financial returns — on average, 53% higher return on equit

Janice Ellig (at left) is co-CEO of Chadick Ellig, an executive search firm based in New York City. She focuses her practice on the recruitment of board directors, C-suite executives, and divisional heads. She can be contacted at

Ilene H. Lang is a pioneering high-tech Internet executive and the former president and CEO of Catalyst, the research and advisory organization that seeks to advance women into business leadership. She can be contacted at

This article is a condensed version of a major feature article they co-authored for the First Quarter 2015 edition of Directors & Boards.

The Private Company Governance Summit 2015

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The Private Company Governance Summit 2015 will be held May 13-15 at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, D.C.  The only national conference focused exclusively on the governance of family-owned, closely-held and private equity-owned companies, PCGS 2015 is ideal for multiple board members and owner/shareholders to attend as a group.  Speakers and session leaders are experienced serving directors and private company owners, and conference programming is designed to private companies in all phases of the development of their governance.

OnBoard Bootcamp

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OnBoard Bootcamp, a one-day intensive program on becoming a corporate director, will be held in Boston on May 12 and in New York on May 13. This program provides an insider’s guide to mastering the board selection process, and includes presentations from search executives, advice from current board member on every step of the process, networking, resume tips and interview preparation.

Proxy Access 2.0: A Recap on 1.0 and the Economic Analysis

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"Proxy Access 2.0: A Recap on 1.0 and the Economic Analysis” is a program being hosteled by CFA Institute and the Millstein Center. It will be held at Deloitte LLP at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York. This half-day event seeks to help frame the economic analysis around the current debate on proxy access in the United States.