March 31, 2023

Board members with risk management experience are important — but a company also needs

March 30, 2023

Boards are guiding companies away from one-size-fits-all solutions and toward a

March 28, 2023

Companies with relationships in the European Union, along with some American ci

March 27, 2023

Five ways to strengthen board decision-making and benefit from the recent strug

March 24, 2023

Managing risk requires compliance program evaluation, thorough audits and a cle

March 23, 2023

My Board Journey

March 22, 2023

Investors are showing no hesitancy to object to nonpreferred pay decisions and

March 16, 2023

A new report finds CEO and CFO base salaries increasing but bonuses on the decl

Human Capital Is Rising on the Board Agenda

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Human resources expertise on the board aids talent retention and recruitment strategies.

Many Risk Factors Affect Audit Committee Preparation

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Inflation, cybersecurity and SEC proposals are on the audit committee agenda.

Cybersecurity Reporting: What Boards Should Expect from Management

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Chief security officers must communicate cyber incidents in a straightforward, understandable fashion.

In a business landscape that is increasingly complicated by cybersecurity threats, boards should expect effective communication on the cybersecurity risk management program from company management. That communication should come from the individual most qualified to convey the information: the company’s chief security officer. 

Proposed Cyber Expertise Disclosure Rules Will Challenge Boards

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The SEC’s proposal could affect public company approaches to strategy, talent and more.

Directors Must Grow Their Knowledge of Blockchain

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Current board understanding of the technology is woefully low.

On a scale of 1 to 10, directors’ understanding of blockchain rates at a 4.

Proposed SEC Amendment on Shareholder Proposal Rules

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There are benefits for shareholders, but possible complications for boards.

Shield Yourself from Reputational or ESG-Related Claims

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In a litigious environment, directors must go beyond D&O insurance for protection.

Boards of large cap companies beware: If your company’s stock price underperforms the market, there’s a good likelihood you’re going to get sued. The bigger you are, the greater the likelihood. And it’s more likely than ever that the lawsuit will claim reputational damage resulting from the board’s failure to oversee this mission critical asset.

Can Elon Musk Escape Twitter Deal Unscathed?

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The disagreement between the tech giant and the social media platform goes to Delaware.

Returns or Virtue?

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Allow shareholders a say in how companies approach ESG initiatives.

Shareholders have so many clashing viewpoints that boards and managers need to create more direct lines of communication to help determine a company’s mission.
For example, many shareholders, particularly institutional money managers and pension funds, urge companies to put more money behind environmental and social causes, such as cutting emissions and increasing diversity. Others, particularly individual and employee shareholders, continue to prioritize financial returns.

Inflation and Talent Retention Needs Spur Salary Hike

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More than one-quarter of respondents are considering midyear adjustments.