June 21, 2022

Directors should plan for risks in talent, supply chain, public health and more

June 21, 2022

Betsy Atkins, board member for Wynn Las Vegas and Volvo Car Group, explores promine

June 21, 2022

Joyce Cacho, board member for Sunrise Banks NA and World Benchmarking Alliance, exp

June 21, 2022

Now is a good time to revisit risk assumptions with management.

June 21, 2022

Anticipating emerging risks means reshaping the board. 


Boise Cascade Co.
Boise Cascade Co.
Allison Transmission Holdings Inc.


Chair and CEO: To Split or not to Split?

This so-called best practice isn’t yet universal.  
In September, insurance giant AIG became the latest high-profile corporation to bestow the additional title of chairman on its CEO, Peter Zaffino. 
“The AIG board of directors has great confidence in Peter’s ability to continue executing on AIG’s transformation and growth strategy designed to create long-term, sustainable value,” the board’s then-nonexecutive chairman, Douglas Steenland, said in a statement.

What He Taught: An Homage to Jim Kristie

The longtime editor of Directors & Boards, who died earlier this year,helped others to shine.
“Editor,” derived from the Latin edere (to produce or bring forth), may well be the most ambiguous word in the English language. It can signify anything from the eagle-eyed proofreader who fixes typos to the visionary who works through others to create brand-new, world-changing intellectual capital. The thread is selflessness; the ideal editor helps others shine. 

Alexandra “Alex” Reed Lajoux retired from the National Association of Corporate Directors as Chief Knowledge Officer Emeritus in 2016 after 30 years there. She served as editor of Directors & Boards from 1978 to 1981, when she passed the torch to Jim Kristie.

Private Boards’ “Inflection” Moment

The scenario: A health diagnostic company’s product strategy is to “fake it till you make it,” its employees are expressing concerns over leadership and a multimillion-dollar distribution deal puts bad data in the hands of patients. Any one of these offenses should have had people crying foul and asking, “Where is the board?” But three such transgressions? Almost inconceivable. 

Revaluing Assets and Liabilities When Paying Dividends or Repurchasing Shares

Delaware provides new guidance for boards.