January 27, 2023

With ESG here to stay, the key is ensuring that good governance practices are i

January 26, 2023

Unfortunately, boards sometimes screw up.

January 26, 2023

The board should understand the company’s broader ESG goals to ensure the right

January 25, 2023

In an unstable risk environment, directors must help their companies manage for

January 24, 2023

To guide companies toward their ESG goals, audit committee members should under

January 23, 2023

To withstand investor scrutiny, directors must understand industry compensation

January 20, 2023

Public boards may find it more difficult to afford favorable treatment to termi

January 18, 2023

Scenario analysis is crucial to the board’s ability to stay on top of major ris

Special Interview with Patagonia Chair Charles Conn

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The company’s non-family chair addresses the owners’ decision to make Earth Patagonia’s only shareholder. 

How Companies Incorporate ESG Metrics in Compensation Plans

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The following companies have implemented ESG metrics and made disclosures in their 2022 proxy statements.


ESG Metrics in Compensation Plans and Executive Employment Agreements

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See how some of America’s largest companies are implementing sustainability metrics into their comp strategies.

Book Review - ESG in the Boardroom: A Guidebook for Directors

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Board members have been inundated for the past several years with demands for them to be attentive to ESG considerations. However, precious little has been written about how this should actually work in the boardroom. What specific actions should board members take, and how do ESG considerations fit in with the basic fiduciary duty of board members to maximize enterprise value?

CEOs and Boards Are Putting Succession Plans to the Test

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Top executive succession rates climb as challenges multiply and boards gain confidence.

CEOs in 2021 were relatively comfortable in their roles, but 2022 could set records for CEO departures, according to CEO Succession Practices in the Russell 3000 and S&P 500: Live Dashboard, a project of The Conference Board and ESG data analytics firm ESGAUGE.

Director Reflections on Talent

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Beth A. Brooke

Director Reflections on Talent

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Anna Catalano

Director, HF Sinclair Corporation, Frontdoor Inc., Ecovyst Inc., Hexion Inc.

The Future of Talent

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Boards must understand how their companies’ people strategy aligns with overall strategy and drives growth.

If You Haven’t Been a CEO, Can You Hire a CEO?

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Board members who have educated themselves about the role of the CEO are well-equipped to make hiring decisions, even if they haven’t served in the role themselves.

A Corporation’s Purpose: Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

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Boards must balance the interests of shareholders and stakeholders while maintaining a focus on value creation.