January 27, 2023

With ESG here to stay, the key is ensuring that good governance practices are i

January 26, 2023

Unfortunately, boards sometimes screw up.

January 26, 2023

The board should understand the company’s broader ESG goals to ensure the right

January 25, 2023

In an unstable risk environment, directors must help their companies manage for

January 24, 2023

To guide companies toward their ESG goals, audit committee members should under

January 23, 2023

To withstand investor scrutiny, directors must understand industry compensation

January 20, 2023

Public boards may find it more difficult to afford favorable treatment to termi

January 18, 2023

Scenario analysis is crucial to the board’s ability to stay on top of major ris

ESG Measures Are Gaining Prominence in Executive Compensations Plans

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The practice will only grow as disclosure of climate-related data becomes more commonplace.

How to Avoid Negotiating with a Hacker

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Advanced preparation and optimal board personnel are key if you want to avoid a cyber crisis. 

We exist in an age of heightened data sensitivity, but that is the price of doing business in an increasingly globalized and digitized world. Connectedness is the reward; hyper vigilance is the price. For companies large and small, this means cybersecurity can no longer be outsourced. Instead, it must be internalized within an organization’s DNA. 

The Director’s Guide to Management Equity Grant Committees

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There is now more flexibility for Delaware corporations to delegate equity award grants to management – should they use it?

CHROs on Boards Help Companies Increase Talent Engagement

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The need for hiring and retaining key employees has pushed HR to the leadership forefront.

The pandemic brought on the rise of several workforce issues that sat below the surface for many years. Now these issues can’t be ignored, since the environment has become more complex, with some employees experiencing burnout, while others are choosing to disengage or rapidly switch jobs. Then there’s the problem of cultural unrest, with employees increasingly seeking employers who stand behind them on a range of social issues.  


The Endemic Era: 6 Difficult Conversations Happening in the Boardroom

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Crisis management and the ability to be strategically agile are top priorities for boards.

CISOs on the Board

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A survey finds CISOs can bring needed technology experience to board.

Talking (and Thinking) Carefully about AI

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To lead change, directors must become more conversant in artificial intelligence.

Five Questions Every Board Should Ask Their CISO

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Preventing cybersecurity incidents means knowing how the company manages risks and protects sensitive data.

Not all board members have cybersecurity expertise, but all can play a vital role in protecting their company’s sensitive information. It comes down to asking the right cybersecurity questions of the company’s chief information security officer (CISO), including questions on risk frameworks, threat actor profiles and appetite for customer friction.

How to Think about China: A Guide for Boards

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For boards, China operations are about strategy, but also core values.

Most every multinational company has a connection to China, whether in the form of supply chains, investment or economic and geopolitical risk. 

Economic Volatility and Global Conflict Impact the Board Agenda

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Disclosure rules and risk concerns are also on directors’ minds.