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Second Quarter 2014

Cover Story Dynamics of the board interview, 2nd Quarter 2014

Dynamics of the board interview
By Blythe McGarvie
You want candidates who meet the requirements of cultural fit, the right skill set, and meaningful diversity. No one expects the candidate to know everything about the company during the interview process.

Board interview basics
By Dee Soder
It’s not enough to have the right qualifications — you need to present well during the interview. ‘Beware TMI,’ ‘Define Yourself,’ ‘Know the Personalities,’ and other basics for acing the interview.

The most valuable director of all
By Harry J. Bruce
The more challenging task is to identify director candidates who, once elected, will become real contributors to the board. One particular personality characteristic is found only in extremely rare individuals.

What to ask a prospective board member
By Dennis Cagan
And…what you are most likely to be asked by them. Keep in mind that qualifications and suitability are two very different considerations. A cautionary note: Beware of the candidate who wonít stop talking.


Getting on board
By Susan F. Shultz and Robert Barker
The boardroom Catch-22: It’s difficult to get on a board if you don’t have board experience. Here are seven steps—accompanied by a big dose of persistence, timing, and luck—to getting that board seat.

The dangers in letting COOs become an endangered species
By Nathan Bennett and Walter Shill
The question needs to be asked: Is operating without a chief operating officer increasing risk around leadership transition?

Action steps for succeeding with a board of advisors
By Debbie Womack and Jim Taylor
The first step as an owner/CEO is to admit you donít know everything. Putting together a valued board of advisors will pay huge dividends.

Book It: Best bets for board reading
Insights on a new CEOís dream job, falling for Big Oil, boards and sustainability, a leadership journey, effective speeches, and more:

  • Talk Like Ted by Carmine Gallo
  • The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist by Christine Bader
  • Centered Leadership by Joanna Barsh and Johanne Lavoie
  • A Better World Inc. by Alice Korngold
  • The Hiltons by J. Randy Taraborrelli
  • Beauty Queen by Deborrah Himsel

The Beta board
By Dana Ardi
It is time to move beyond the Alpha model of governance. If you are thinking of joining a board, here is how to tell if it is a Beta one.

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