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First Quarter 2014

Cover Story Creating a digital advisory board, 1st Quarter 2014

Creating a digital advisory board
By Barry Libert
Ten rules for success in the social, mobile, cloud and big data age using a digital advisory board — to bolster your organization and the competencies of your corporate board at this critical juncture.

Esther Dyson on digital advisory boards:
‘Pay attention to what they say’

If they are not making you uncomfortable, says this digital leader, either they have nothing to say or you aren’t listening.

Navigating the digital darkness
By George L. Davis Jr. and Jennifer Monroe
Rather than simply naming a ‘digerati’ to a coveted seat in the boardroom, the advisory board option is a sound one for infusing comprehensive digital insight to the board.

Advisory boards as a win-win for all
By Susan Stautberg
Other important functions they perform include serving as role models for cultivating talent and as ‘proving grounds’ for director candidates.


A new kind of captured board
By Ann C. Mulé and Charles Elson
What we should be worrying about: the ‘management knowledge-captured board.’ The antidote: more industry-expert directors.

Do CEOs make the best directors?
By David Larcker and Brian Tayan
Many believe so, but there is no reliable research evidence to suggest that this is true. Perhaps a beneficial trend is more recruiting of retired CEOs.

The disruptive power of the dysfunctional director
By Ram Charan, Dennis Carey, and Michael Useem
Redirecting, deselecting, or not recruiting troublesome directors in the first place have become far more important tasks for the board.

The Directors & Boards Report: 2014 Annual Meeting Survey
The annual meeting is still being challenged to play a relevant role.

A board must be managed
By Randy Thurman
Many chief executives, especially first-time leaders, get this wrong. Here is what needs to happen for effective CEO-board interaction.

Book It: Best bets for board reading
Insights on scaling your business, governance regulation, the importance of peer and subordinate relationships… and life after life as a CEO.

You, too, can be a thought leader
By Denise Brosseau
Being one leads to invitations to join corporate boards and other opportunities to raise your profile in a more compelling way.

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