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Governance Year in Review Special Issue
Annual Report 2014

Cover Story Governance Year in Review Special Issue, Annual Report 2014

The Year in Review
By James Kristie
A month-by-month timeline of year 2013 and the people, companies, organizations, and initiatives that generated notable corporate governance developments.


Letter from the Chairman
Solution to Job Creation

Editor’s Note: Keenly Observed

Keynote: Governing the Controlled Corporation
The best reason to invest in companies? It’s not their voting system. Interview with William P. Lauder

The Ideal CEO for a Megatrend World
By Irv Becker and Christine Rivers
Look for this set of characteristics.

How Not To Be in Dennis Kozlowski’s Dire Circumstances
By Catherine S. Neal
The board is at the top of the list of what went wrong.

ISS vs. Nucor’s Ghost: Lost in Metric Madness
By Marc Hodak
A compensation plan worthy of widespread emulation might not pass muster today.

Are Options Dead?
Not yet, but...The CHRO Board Academy weighs judgment.

Practical Dos and Don’ts for Directors
By Doug Raymond
While no list is exhaustive, this set of pointers can contribute to being a more effective board member.

Governance Book of the Year: Boards That Lead by Ram Charan, Dennis Carey and Michael Useem
A ‘navigational guide’ to board excellence.

Directors to Watch
Edited by Scott Chase
The class of 2014 brings into the boardroom a heightened sense of risk and responsibility.

  • Diversity Doesn’t Just Happen—It Takes Work By Mary Pat McCarthy
  • It’s Time: Let’s Complete the Mission By Dee Soder

Heidrick & Struggles Governance Letter
By Matt Aiello and Lee Hanson
Time’s Up: Director Tenure Moves to the Front Burner.

Who’s on Board
Directors Roster review of those joining boards in 2013.

Article Index 2013
The top of the agenda items that the experts addressed in the pages of Directors & Boards.

Endnote: How We Can Restore Confidence in Our Public Companies
By Simon M. Lorne and Patricia F. Russo
Here is the first step.

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